Jewel Aronel

Jewel is an elf-maiden of the elven city Solaris. She is beautiful and sincere yet too trusting.


Jewel is the daughter of the High Elder of the Elven city of Solaris. She is a beautiful woman with purple eyes that mark magical abilities and dark brown hair. She has no concept of being insincere or caustic to others, she is kind and caring and is about the age of 16 same as Dracon. Due to their age Jewel swiftly becomes one of Dracon’s closest friends and confidantes and unknown to Dracon harbors a secret crush on him ever since he rescued her from the goblins. This is also how Dracon met Jewel. After meeting Rihtwis and Angus, Dracon hears her scream and rushes to help her. He saves her life by taking the goblin’s attention off her and he and Rihtwis and Angus defeat the goblins. As an elf she owes him a life-debt and must follow him around for as long as it must until she repays and he is forever welcome in her house.


Jewel Aronel

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