Rihtwis Virtute

Rihtwis is a warrior wanderer who suffers from a dark past. He is loyal and passionate yet has a high temper.


Rihtiwis was induced into the Knights of Truth when he was just five, and when he turned 18 was knighted and joined The First War of Light to fight Zohar. He wields a mace and a chain-whip and is one of five righteous surviving Knights who stood against the Knghts when they turned to join Zohar against The Light Realm. After helping King Leoht Cyning and Seth Sweord defeat the Knights of Truth and banish them from The Light Realm, he became a wanderer traveling through parts of the Light and Dark Realms fighting darkness and doing good deeds, until he met Angus who joined him. It was in their wanderings that they met Dracon and Jewel and join them.


Rihtwis Virtute

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