Fiery sword of Holy Power

weapon (melee)

This is the fabled sword used by King Zohar who first founded the Dragoon guild. It was also used by Draco Galias during the First War of Light. It was also used most heavily by Dracon during the Second War of Light. As much as I wish I could I currently cannot make the actual picture of the broadsword right now I don’t have time. But the picture here shows a good length and width matching the Fyrsteli, sometime I’ll draw on the quillions so you see what it really looks like. This weapon has many names, the Sword of the Spirit, Heartglow, Fire Steel, The Sword of Light, and all point to the amazing ability that when someone worthy wields it, it can burn creatures of darkness. It can light up the places of purest night, and even sometimes pierce the soul. Fyrsteli will also burn the hands of the person attempting to wield it if that person is not pure in heart.



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