The War of Light

Chapter 2

The following day they head to Nephalian on the way Rihtwis, Dracon, and Jewel talk about Rihtwis past and about the Knights of Truth. They talk of the history of the First War of Light. They talk of the betrayal of the Knights of Truth and then the expulsion of them from the land.
They come to Nephalian and Dracon marvels at the size. It explains the flag which is a blood-red field and a white lamb. They enter the city and Dracon is distracted by the marketplace. Rihtwis and Angus drag Dracon away from the stalls to Dracon’s embarrassment, but Jewel reveals her sweet nature by blowing it off like it isn’t a big deal (which of course it isn’t). they see

Chapter 1

Introduces the setting for Dracon Galias’s home which is west of Nephalian and East of Westington.

It gives a brief description of Dracon brown eyes and hair skin color etc. personality. It tells a little about his sister Melody, his mother Diana and the about his father Draco whom he remembers little of. Dracon is readying his house so he can leave his family for a few days to visit his Uncle Seth in Nephalian. While he is doing this an angel appears from God giving him a task. He is to see the King Leoht Cyning in Nephalian and see what God has in store for him. He is instructed to bring companions he feels should come with him. Dracon nearly faints from the experience and Melody and his mother happen upon him. They bring him inside and after he rests he explains what happens, then leaves to go to Nephalian bringing his buckler provisions and his father’s rapier.

The story then transfers to Jewel which is unusual because most of the story is told from a third-person limited POV of Dracon. It explains Jewel’s looks very briefly and her disposition. Jewel is taking a walk outside her home in the hidden elven city of Solaris where she overhears goblins talking about seeing her home. Turning to go home and warn her the High Elder, she sees another goblin who captures her and brings her to the rest of the goblins.

It then switches back to Dracon, who’s come to a fork n the road. He prays to know which way leads to Nephalian. Looking down the road he sees a man with a dwarf. Calling to them he finds they are Rihtwis Virtute and Angus Fireax. Rihtwis wields a mace and chain-whip and carries an extra short sword, Angus carries a large ax and a throwing ax. In mid-conversation they hear a scream. Dracon turns to the sound and springs towards it in a fast sprint, his father’s rapier in hand. Looking at each other the two seasoned campaigners recognize the trouble Dracon is about to place himself in and run after him to help him. Dracon comes in on a disturbing scene of the goblins harming Jewel and so threatens them to let her go or else he will kill them which saves her life because they were on the verge of killing her. They laugh at his sword and pull out broadswords and falchions and scimitars. Realizing his folly Dracon picks up his walking stick and makes to fight with that when Rihtwis and Angus join the fray. Rihtwis tosses Dracon the short sword, and Dracon gets back into the fight with a better-equipped weapon. They fight with the goblins and Dracon moves over to the elf-maiden and gets a cut on his leg. Seeing themselves outnumbered the last two goblins run away, and with Jewel’s pleading Rihtwis and Angus rush after them to keep Solaris’s secret safe. Dracon sits with Jewel learns who she is and then she heals him with her magic which she was born with, and is only marked by her violet eyes. She explains she owes him a life-debt not a thing taken lightly and that she will follow him till it is repaid. They talk about homes and families and fall asleep. During the evening they awake to the sound of Rihtwis and Angus returning. They formally meet Jewel and claim that they will join Dracon because this is where the action is. They set up camp for the night.



  • About 723 B.C.
  • A man named Daniel is introduced as a prophet
  • He remembers the past month and the vision he had
  • In this vision he learns from an angel that God wants him to bring a righteous family from all 13 tribes of Israel to the wilderness
  • In the wilderness Daniel feels they should stop
  • They pray for what to do next
  • Suddenly angels in high numbers appears before them
  • The highest angel approaches Daniel and tells him they are taking them to another world where they will escape the fate of the Israelites because of their righteoussness
  • The angels pull open a hole in space and time and help them walk through to this new planet (tentative)

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